Ksenia Titova

Website and Kit Yurkas

Website and Kit Yurkas
by Kseniya Titova

Kit used guideline

The first created design guideline, The nest design Kit. Its helps to save more time 

Created Guideline and than design Kit


Order important part. Need to think about million details and helps user to do order faster


Main page

Main page must to be interesting and tell users all about site. This is visit card your business.


Other page

It group of page  as important part of site such as main page becouse tell user about serious products of your company. This group pages to be the first functional, tell of the detail and  inform user.

Pages: Catalog, History company, Partners, Dillers, Contacts, Media page

Banners and media

Of course, needs to be central part in the site life. It is more beautiful block of all blocks