Ksenia Titova

Monthly budget, payment status

Wizzard helps us to undestending person

Problem: new idea of wizard, helps user to be more effective.

Need to log all changes in client's budget. The Budget that the User fills in manually during the Wizard is the Monthly Budget. It is recorded in the system and remains the same all the time. The Monthly Budget shows up in account settings.

The Budget that the User currently have is Current Budget and consists of Monthly Budget minus all deductions our system makes for Orders. Current Budget is updated all the time and shows up in the Heading.

*For all current Users let's use the current amount they have in Budget as Current Budget

In case the User changes Monthly Budget in Settings the system recalculates Current Budget as well - showing the difference between newly added budget and the amount the system deducted for Orders. On the 1st of Every Month the Current Budget is updated with Monthly Budget amount and starts all deductions again. We need to record all logs for changing Monthly Budget amount and Current Budget amount as well For Monthly Budget amount we need to log date of change For Current Budget amount we need to log every change made to it and date of this change

Billing Address

Bill To The field "Bill To" should be added to practice settings.

By default this field is filled with Shipping address. By click on the field pop up appears.

If a user unmarks checkbox, address and unit fields become editable. All changes is saved only by click on the button "Save". The system send a new billing address to Stripe by click on Save. Payment Info Current stripe form. If the card is added, the system shows * except numebrs. The form become empty if a user puts the cursor in it.

All changes is saved only by click on the button "Save". The system sends payment info to Stripe by click on the button "Save". The system should compare zip codes from credit card and Bill To address. If zipcodes are different, the system should show notification. If a user enters credit card at first time with the different zipcode from bill to: