Ksenia Titova

Why so important to know the UI Laws Yacob Nilson


Long time ago in 2000 Jacob wrote tendency: Users prefer the same rules in your project the same they watched yet. But happy if it more clear and beautiful.  

About rule

It is easy for the user to recognize any interaction of the site if he has already seen it before. This is the most complete basic psychological idea and is called a model of thinking.

Let’s look into thinking patterns if you want to understand how users think and what we know about they thinking and how it works.

When users encounter something new, used the knowledge of they past experience. 

The task of bridging the gap between our own thought patterns and those of users is one of the most difficult tasks. But resolve the goal use the different methods: user interviews, user portraits, Customer Journey Map or CJM, empathy cards  The essence of these methods is to get feedback, a deep understanding of the tasks, goals of the user of their thinking model in order to apply and adjust in the project. In practice, adjust the user’s interaction with his tasks to the actual use of the product

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