Ksenia Titova

How to start building design website?


The first thing your designer will need to know from you is why you want a web site? This may sound silly, because every business in the 21st Century should have a website, but the truth is it isn’t. They need to understand what you motivation is for getting a website built. Do you need a completely new website or do you just need to have your old one updated and redesigned? What are you looking to accomplish through the website? What do you like or dislike about the site that you already have? All of these things are very important to understand as your designer prepares to build your site.

Next your website designer will need to understand from you what your business is about. Of course you’ll want to give them this information to put on your site (your ‘about’ page, which we’ll take more about later) but you should be able to verbally express to your web designer the vision, mission and goal of your business.

To clarify, what does your business do? What products or services do you offer, and how do you get them to your customers? What are your long term goals for your business? What brand and image do you want to portray to your customers?

As you provide your web designer with this information, they will be better equipped to help your business succeed by designing a site that is aligned with these answers. While it may seem like a lot of information to give to your web designer, it will help them to tailor a site specific to your individual needs.

When you give all of your information to your designer, they should give you a clear timeline for when your website will be completed. Your designer may have some other specific information that they need from you, but this is pretty much all your web designer needs to start building your website.

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