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for subsidiaries groups

Create the Real estate Guide is a structured database of new buildings, business centers and developers in Belarus based. News, promotions, statistics and analytics modules.

To split for subsidiaries  (in my portfolio too)

Collaborate with Business Analytics. User Research, User Testing. Create Prototype with UX User Experience and User Interface Design. Communication with Developer Team for improved features.

SKETCH. INVISIONAPP. Illustrator. Photoshop. Google Analytics. Google spreadsheets

How we achieve main and related goals

Starting a project was a challenging and rewarding experience. We had the right mindset and approach, we couldn turn business goals into a successful business.

Sprint 1,2,3,4

UX Analytics and research

Involves collecting, measuring, and analyzing user data to improve the user experience. By understanding user behavior and preferences, companies can create tailored products and services. It also helps identify pain points in the user journey and increase retention, making it a crucial aspect of user-centered design.

Helped thousands users

True Data from Google Analytics with links on true details. Please click box or name

“Useful portal, everything in one place and usability conveniently placed”
“cool that you can find any developer and his contacts in one placeVery handy site. I found myself an apartment in a new building. I recommend.”
“Very convenient database of developers, all the information is there! Actual”

Interviews & surveys.

Some of the interviews were conducted in the form of surveys using Google Sheets applications.

1. What factors do you consider when deciding to buy a commercial property for your business?

2. How do you typically search for commercial properties to buy, and what resources do you use?

3. What are the biggest challenges you face when it comes to acquiring commercial properties?

4. How do you determine the value of a commercial property you are considering buying?

5. Have you ever had a negative experience with a commercial property you bought? If so, what happened?

6. Do you have any preferences when it comes to the location of a commercial property, such as proximity to transportation or other businesses?

7. How important is the layout and design of a commercial property to you?

8. What is your budget for buying commercial properties, and how do you go about financing them?

9. How do you evaluate the potential profitability of a commercial property you are considering buying?

10. What are your long-term goals for your commercial property investments?

Google Analityc

Used powerful tool that collects and analyzes data to provide insights into user behavior, popular pages, and time spent on each page. Helped optimize user experience and improve website performance, measure marketing success and understand audience.


Hotjar is a product insights tool that gives you a real understanding of user behavior that analytics tools can’t track—things like hesitations, U-turns, and scrolls that don’t lead to clicks. We was geted Hotjar data where need it.

Market research

Lets’s drive into the score i invite you to get acquainted with links to article for a deeper study. I always prefer to do some market research on the relevant products before starting work it give me knowledge about their anatomy and behavior. I decided on the functions that need to be included in the service, and identify solutions for me.

Product Research

I looked at products, like Airbnb, Yandex. I looked about 10 app to see how they work and how they perform typical task and analyzed the decisions they made.

Interviews and Personas

I explored the exact needs of people, who were looking for apartments. So I’ve interviewed several respondents and asking about their problems and collected info that helps me to solve their pain points. Creating design personas helps me immerse in the product, understand the behavior of real people, and use in the design process.

Customer Journey Map

The next step was the creation of CJM.This process allowed me to consider the stages of interaction with the product, what happens to the user at different points in time: actions performed by the user, emotions, pain points.

User Flow

User flow helps me to understand how user will travel thought the application to complete a specific task. bBelow is the user flow for the Dialogue Realt application.

Wireframing, Low-fi & High-fi Prototypes

Before moving to UI Design, I created wireframes, Low-Fi and High-Fi Prototypes. This is a great way to focus on the functionality and main features. At the prototyping stage. Screens with different states were created.

Let's have a look

Sprint 5

Features Prioritization


UI Transformation

UX analytics involves collecting and analyzing user data to improve the experience, while UI transformation improves the design to make it more functional and visually appealing. This provides a great user experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Implement features & Tested

Implemented and tested features thoroughly to ensure their functionality and user experience. Carefully evaluated each feature and its impact on the overall product, with the goal of creating a seamless and intuitive experience for users. After extensive testing, we are confident in the effectiveness of these features.


Feedback : Performance & Productivity analysis

Performance analysis allows you to determine how quickly and efficiently the development team completes tasks and achieves project goals. It also enables you to evaluate how successfully the project achieves its business goals, such as increasing revenue or improving user experience.

App version
(lates of my work for this company)

First made for the Belarusian market,
when goals was achievement, started to make the same
solution for foreign markets.

Belorusian market.
Main package. Website with Adaptive

First made for the Belarusian market,
when goals was achievement,
start to make the same solution for foreign markets.

HomePageDashbord about all process in project

Important data in the first screen


Comparing properties By taking a holistic approach, you can gain a better understanding of similarities and differences between options

Comparing list

Business center cart

RENT/SALE Statistics of the Cost of commercial real estate in the selected region
The main data
Details analytics with comments from expert
Offers from Banks producing promotions on credit and installment payment

Bank loan program

Banks in lins / program duration

Loan Calculator based on open source banks

calculator in the section of individuals (users)

Calculator in the section of commercial real estate

Developers list of developers with a convenient search

Developers with a convenient search quickly ask a question about the object

Open developer

Bilding object  long grid with all information about the project, sponsor banks, construction progress, infrastructure

Longgreed, at the beginning about project, 3d tour of the object, characteristics, consultation with the developer on the object – it’s all on the first screen

Stick header this anchor links, that allow you to make a quick transition

Service the free Buss Tours  of new buildings. the guide gives information provided by the developer.

the route for new buildings is described with hide/show points

Book a ticket

Manufacturers and Services. Related topics such as topics: furniture and decor, tools and equipment, repair and decoration, construction, ceilings, electrical, redevelopment, moving services etc.

Section and services

Card: furniture and household goods

On Map purchase and sale transactions. Select the parameters you are interested inry and track price changes in the region

select a section on maps , use filter, and finally to show all transactions for the purchase and sale of apartments

Personal Account Have To add an advert
, Favorites,
Price change
, News
, Promotions and discounts
, Saved filters, 
Notification settings
, Profile
, My announcements
, Messages

What about data? Create a tool  the ability to rebuild sold apartments online

Select House, Select  a section – See prise. Market sold, Book, Free etc.

Belorusian market.
The same for Agency. The same idea Website with Adaptive

Group of companies with the same ideas for site.

On Map purchase and sale transactions. Select the parameters you are interested inry and track price changes in the region
Change Appartment choose an apartment and offer yours in exchange
Choose an apartment by tags or parameters
Choose an apartment by tags or parameters

3thSecond package
real estate for business
The same idea Website with Adaptive

Group of companies with the same ideas for site.

Choose an apartment by tags or parameters
Choose an apartment by tags or parameters